GoConnect Reviews

We don’t have any official way of collecting reviews yet other than iTunes. (We may never, so if you like the app, a review on the App Store would be fantastic). But it’s worth sharing some of the great stuff we have been receiving from agents everywhere. I’ll even throw in a bad one for good measure.

“I’ve been a beta user for 15 minutes and already know this app belongs in my home tray! Rock on GoConnect. You just saved me countless hours in 2014.”

“OMG What a sweet app, everything is so smooth and easy to use. It has brought back happiness to working with listings. Such a clean design, thank you!”

“I am unsubscribing you. I don’t like this bait and switch and emailing of nonsense for an app that doesn’t even function yet. Deleting the app and unsubscribing from your emails.” (Whew. Glad he’s going back to negative town)

“Happy to Meet You! The #GoConnect App is looking pretty sharp! Great work.”

“Zach Schabot named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate by Inman News” (okay that was totally self serving but still cool)

These are the kinds of things that keep us going. Keep em coming.